How to Turn Your eBook into 10K Clients (Part 3): Pricing Your Programs

Pricing your programs properly is key to getting 10K clients. By offering potential clients different price points and incentives, you can close more sales and make more money, assuming that the value of what you are offering is evident (which we discussed in Part 2 in the last blog post).

However, there is more to pricing than that. First, you must believe in the value of your services and that they are worth what you are charging for them, and you must believe that you deserve to get paid what you are worth.

In my experience, I have found that women tend to have a harder time with this than men do, which is understandable given that women are taught to devalue themselves from an early age.

But, regardless of your gender, if this is an issue for you, you may need to work not only on your pricing, but on your mindset as well.

One pricing strategy that works well is to start small and as you get more confident in what you do, add more value, start raising your prices.

That is exactly how I went from offering private coaching from $1500 when I first started to $5,000-$10,000 and $12,000 packages. You can make a lot more money with a lot fewer clients and work less as you raise your rates!

However, if you are already confident in what you do and know how to close clients, you can jump in, add value now, and start offering $10,000 programs immediately.

There are two ways to offer your programs:
1. Ask for the entire payment upfront in a single payment
2. Offer a payment plan

I always start by offering the single-payment plan first. People who take the whole payment plan tend to be more committed to the program. Plus, you need more clients at any given time if they are on a payment plan. Some people like to have more clients on a payment plan for cash flow, so it’s up to you which way you prefer.

If you do offer a payment plan, be sure to include interest or there is no incentive for taking the single-payment plan (unless you are offering no interest as an added benefit to clients you already have and trust). Also, be aware that if you offer a payment plan, you will need strategies in place to lower your drop-out rate.

Another strategy for potential clients who don’t want to, or can’t make, a single payment is to break up your process into parts (if it makes sense to do that). So for instance, if you had a 3-part system, you could offer the first process at a slightly higher price than 1/3 of a $10,000 package. Again, if you make each section the same price, you lessen the chance of selling your whole package.

Alternately, you could offer a discount for purchasing the whole system. So, let’s say for numbers sake that you had a 2-process system that you sold for $10,000. By offering a discount of say $500 or $1000 if they buy both, you have a better chance of selling the whole system and getting paid upfront. This works well because, once you have an interested prospect, it is easier and cheaper to sell the whole package than to find another client.

So, feel out your prospects and offer as many different options that you can. But, roll the options out one at a time. If you give people too many options they will get overwhelmed, feel confused, and do nothing.

Now if it turns out that they just can’t see a way to afford working with you, or they don’t see the value of it, offer a home-study version of your program at full price, and then a payment plan for that version.

If you don’t have one yet, create it from your book.

And remember, by working with individual clients, you’ll continue to educate yourself on what your prospects want and need, and you can add more value and higher pricing to your program as you improve your own knowledge and skills.

To get the prices you know you deserve, you must know the value of what you offer and what results your clients can expect to get, and you must be able to articulate it to them in a way that gets them to say “Yes! I want in!”

When people tell you that they don’t have the money or they are too busy, it usually means that they are not motivated enough, it’s not their priority, and/or you haven’t convinced them of the benefits of the program.

Give enough value to get the price you want, believe in yourself, and create different packages and different price points to get all the 10K clients you want!

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