Chris Voss on MLK Day

Reprinted with permission

Some of my friends have grown weary of caring about issues, politics, speaking and acting out. Tyranny and Evil feed on this, they bank on it. They love apathy. They love quitters and people who shirk from upholding humanity’s moral duty. Its how Hate has ruled at any time in Human history. Hate and Tyranny never rest. Neither should we.

Martin Luther King stood up against the risk of mortal peril to die for an idea or concept of peace and unity. We should be ashamed by his sacrifice to live lesser lives of pitiful, docile apathy, especially in dark times as these.

We have to come together and unite. We have to Resist. Fight back. Stand with one another for decency, rights, protection of people Hate persecutes and to counter resistance and every injustice. Its is not a time to shrink or coward from evil. It is a time to fight with and for all of us as one against Tyranny.

One of my favorite sayings from Bobby here. Together we can stand up and fight oppressive forces. “Do not go gentle into that good night…Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” – Dylan Thomas

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