eBook Marketing: “How Can I Get More Qualified Traffic To My eBook Offer?”

It does no good to get a lot of traffic to your ebook offer if that traffic is not interested in the topic of your ebook. To get qualified traffic, you have to know 6 things including:
– who your audience is for your ebook
– where they are online
-if they are, where they hang out
-where you would be most likely to find them
– what they most want to know
-and how they like their content delivered

Your Audience:
To find out who your best buyers are sometimes takes some detective work.

If you put your ebook In Amazon KDP and give it away for free for 5 days-which they allow you to do, survey the people who take you up on the offer, you’ll find out who’s interested in your ebook. (You can do this by putting an extra bonus in your ebook that people have to opt in to get.)

You can also find other ebook offers and start following those authors. Watch the comments their posts elicit-that can give you clues as to whom your market is. And, find groups in Facebook and Google Plus
and go to forums, chat rooms, blogs and discussion boards on your subject.

What They Want:
Once you know who your target market is, find out exactly what it is they want to know that you have answered in your ebook. (It’s best to find out what they want to know BEFORE you write your ebook, but in this case, we’re talking about getting more traffic to an ebook that is already written.)

How They Want Their Content Delivered:
Then, you need to find out how they like their content delivered; when you know how they like their content delivered, give it to them. I would also test methods that they didn’t say they wanted and compare because what people say and what they actually do are not always the same thing. (The Edsel is a good example of this- Ford gave people what they said they wanted in a car and nobody bought it.)

So, start with what they say they prefer. If your potential buyers say they like to read blogs, I would start with blogging and maybe guest blogging.

If they are visual, start with videos. Audiocentric, start with audios and podcasting or Blog Talk Radio. It really depends on your audience.

And as always, for fast sales, start with an ebook launch. By targeting Joint Venture partners who are targeting the audience you are trying to reach, you only have to target several instead of several thousand or hundreds of thousands as with potential buyers. (To learn more grab my free checklist at: www.ebooklaunchsecrets.com)

Follow this 6-step process and you will have plenty of buyers for your ebook!

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