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Linkedin has over 400 million and is the third most popular social-media site in the world behind Facebook and Twitter.

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LinkedIn Profit Power

is a three-part online training program that will show you exactly how to use LinkedIn to:

        • Get more qualified leads than you could ever want
        • Connect with top influencers
        • Drive tons of traffic to your site
        • Stand out from the crowd so prospects
        • Get AMAZING opportunities beyond your wildest dreams!

        Hi, I'm Ellen Violette and this is my story....

        When I got on the Internet, there was a lot less competition than there is today and it was easy to get clients. They were hungry for the information that I had to share.

        But, as more and more people started creating programs, it became harder and harder for potential clients and customers to figure out who the real experts were and which programs were worth the investment. And with so many offers flying into their inboxes and experts making grandiose claims, they become more skeptical.

        In addition, the economy went in the tank and fewer of my subscribers could afford my higher-end programs. And, to make matters worse, my list got stale. Most of the people who wanted my programs had bought them. So, I had to make a change.

        I decided to sign up for a program on LinkedIn because at the time, the pundits were saying that the median income on LinkedIn was $120,000 and Facebook was around $50,000, so it just made sense.

        The program that I took was given in 3 parts, lasted for several months, and came with a hefty price tag. It was great, but I didn't think it had to take that long to learn what you really need to know to succeed on LinkedIn (or at least find out if it's a good fit for your business), so I created my own program.

        This program is for busy people who don't have the time to spend months learning it. Instead, I've extracted the  EXACT information you need to succeed on LinkedIn so you can laser focus, work a lot less, and still get amazing results. So if that resonates with you, I want to invite you to order LinkedIn Profit Power today! 


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        Module #1 Creating an Attention-Getting Profile

        If you don't have an outstanding profile, no amount of marketing on LinkedIn will get you leads, sales, and bigger profits. Module #1 will walk you through the process of setting up an impressive profile that sells you to your market and acts as a lead magnet for your business!

        Module #2 How to Connect with Your Ideal Clients and Influencers (Part1)

        Once, you've set up your profile, it's time to start reaching out to your idea clients and influencers. In this module, you'll discover some 9 ways to connect including little known-secrets for reaching the right people, in less time with less effort so you can profit faster! 

        Module #3  How to Connect with Your Ideal Clients and Influencers (Part 2)

        In this module, I'll share more easy ways to connect with your ideal clients and influencers well as some advanced strategies, including how to become a leader practically overnight!

        Full Course Contents

        Here's a break-down of what you'll receive:

        • 3 Webinar Step-by-Step Trainings
        • 3 Transcripts of the Training Webinars
        • Conversation Templates
        • Access to our Private, Exclusive Facebook Group

        Extra Bonuses

        • BONUS#1. Joint-Venturing Insider Secrets mp3 (Value $47 ) Coming Soon!
        • BONUS #2. Joint-Venturing Insider Secrets Report (Value $7) (How to Build your List at Lightning Speed and Generate Instant Cash Even if You Are Brand New to Internet Marketing Without Spending a Penny)
        • BONUS #3. Unique-You 16-Page Branding Report, How to Tap into What Makes Your Special and Use it to Write PROFITABLE ebooks and build an Irresistible Brand! (Value $17)

        "I'm taking all the risk!"

        As with any social media site, it will take some effort and time to get the full benefit of LinkedIn, but I guarantee that if you take consistent action, it will pay HUGE dividends.  And to remove any risk, I am giving you a 90-day money-back guarantee. So, if you don't learn how to build an attention-grabbing profile and how to connect with potential clients and influences, I will give you 100% of your money back, guaranteed!

        Discover my secrets to growing your business
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