The Fear of Publishing

If you have a fear of publishing, you’re not alone. I have talked to many authors who have it including one author who had written 4 books and never published any of them!

The fear of publishing is the fear of putting yourself out in the world, exposing yourself to criticism and/or getting an overwhelming response either positive or negative, and
it is more common than you think.

To illustrate the fear of criticism, I want to tell you a true story.

When I got my first major cut in the music business, I was so excited I
couldn’t wait to get a Billboard Magazine and see the reviews.

My family and I went out for a celebratory dinner at Spago’s on Sunset in Los Angeles, and then walked across the street to the legendary Tower Records (now gone) and got a Billboard, opened it to new record reviews and started reading. I was SHOCKED!

The first review said my cut was the best song on the album because it was an R & B song and it was a jazz album and praised the artist (Diane Schuur) for taking a risk on a great song.

The second one said it was the worst song on the album because it was an R & B song and it was a jazz album and she shouldn’t have recorded it.

All I could do was laugh!

And for the record, I got a Grammy-nomination for it!

But, when it happened I got the lesson right then and there: some will love what you do and some won’t, and you can’t listen to the haters; you can’t let them stop you
from pursuing your dreams!

Just accept that they are out their, and it’s THEIR problem. Stay strong, but vulnerable. It takes practice, believe me. I’ve been where you are.

If it gets to you, cry, scream, talk to a friend, hit a pillow, do what you have to do and move on. The more you stand up to it, the less it will affect you.

Second, I want to address the fear of getting an overwhelming response. If you get feedback before you publish, you won’t get overwhelming criticism because if there are issues, you can fix them before you launch.

But also know, it’s never going to be perfect, and you will probably make changes over time as you learn more and find mistakes anyway.

BTW: Amazon has a spell check that points out mistakes that the editor missed if there are any, which can be very reassuring.

Another true story: My friend and colleague, Jason Oman, once said, on an interview with me, that his book “Conversations with Millionaires” was in it’s 5th printing at that time, it
had made over $250,000 and it STILL had typos.  Think of how much money he would have left on the table if he had waited until it was perfect!

So, write the best book you can, and get it out there, or hire me and my team for whatever you need help with in the process, and then put it out!

And finally, I want to tell you that it’s very rare to get an overwhelming response unless you plan it that way.

The more places you list your book, the more exposure it will get. If you are afraid of what people will say, list it in less places. If you get too much attention, stop marketing it, it will go away really fast, I promise.

And that’s my take on fear of publishing. I hope it helps.

Ellen Violette is an award-winning self publishing and business coach and CEO of Create a Splash Marketing Group.  She helps thought leaders, coaches, independent professionals, speakers, and authors communicate their message through self publishing and content marketing, become bestselling authors, and turn their books into 10K+ clients as well as passive income to create the business and lifestyle of their dreams.

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